Stock Charts Today | Stock Market Rolling Over? | Natural Gas Breakout?

In stock charts today we our decision to executed on our strategy of booking profits on our long positions of the $TNA which puts you long of the small cap stocks. We also booked profits on our long position of $AB. These profits were taken due to the weakness seen in the overall stock market.  

In stock charts analysis we review the symbols that our members submit for me to review on video. We also review the pre-market futures activity to identify if the stock market open will be bullish or bearish. We will review for our members any stock, ETF, stock market index or cryptocurrency. We leverage our knowledge of the appropriate trading strategy for the current stock market environment. Bob Desmond the President of The Contrarian Trader is a top ranked stock market technician who is renowned for using stock charts and technical analysis by calling a top in Bitcoin and the S&P 500 and a bottom in Gold in 2017. We perform technical analysis of the charts using candlestick charting. Indicators used are the relative strength indicator as well as the stochastic. We are very bullish on the gold stocks and very bearish on the US Dollar.

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