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I do all of the work while you work your day job. Each trading day and weekend I provide you market analysis using the charts and my passion for geo political events and macro economics. I will reveal up to 10 simple trades each week that are high probability trades. When I trade you are notified real time. Our members win when they “Trade The Charts” (not the hype). 

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    Bob Desmond
    is the Contrarian

    Bob developed his Contrarian Swing Trading System during the two year bear market which followed the 2000 stock market crash.

    Having realized how much the financial news media and Wall Street worked together to hype the market and that technical analysis was the only way make consistent gain.His unique strategy focuses on multi timeframe chart analysis with a focus early stage breakouts and breakdowns which has allowed him to outperform the stock market for 15 years.

    Bob’s Contrarian Trading System scans for stocks and ETF’s which are hated and ignored by Wall Street yet poised for a rally. He shorts stocks which appear on his scan as overbought and hyped Wall Street “Banksters”.

    Bob’s Contrarian Trading Swing Trading System has made members profits, even during market swings that crash Wall Street. At the end of August 2015.

    Bob Desmond

    Interviwed by TraderTV



    Will have to compliment you on this one. Was scared at first, but this one trade has made back any and all losses I’d had lately on trades such as TZA. Looks like still upside at least to $16.5 technically as you say. Thank you for the education! I never appreciated the charts as much as I do now. You sold me on technical analysis. 

    Danny Palm Beach

    Hey Bob,
    I have to say I am impressed with the way you strategize. Within the past year I have stopped impulse buying and selling intraday. The saving on commissions alone offsets much of my membership fee. Your insight and analysis are truly outstanding. I made the right choice by upgrading to Gold Level as your bearish analysis on (CMG) saved me countless amounts of dollars. Worth every penny and If you want to add this as a testimonial you have my okay…
    Many thanks,

    Henry D. Rumson

    Dear Robert,

    Great to join your group. I love your straight shooting, no bullshit attitude from your videos.

    On the HK Stock Exchange, we cannot short stocks unless we do it by way of options or warrants. Is it different in the United States?

    Regards, Andrew L.

    Hi Robert,

    Thanks so much for your perspective. I’ve probably netted about $10k in the 30 days since I’ve started using your service–which is awesome for me. Just wanted to pass along my thanks.

    Sterling San Francisco, California

    Hi Bob,
    Appreciate your great help in sending the alerts on NUGT.
    I really made nice money on Gold.

    Now I am addicted to your videos. 😉

    Please send me a Week Ahead Commentary as I am your long term member and would like to plan for next week.

    Rikesh Toronto

    (NUGT)!! Awesome call. I tapped out at $71 Friday booking profits. Too conservative now hoping to learn how to let winners run. I’m good on the bad trades but have a lot to improve on the winners. Same with (PLG) tapped out of everything by $2.10 while you rode it much higher. Just fantastic technical trading.

    Loving your Market Wraps…. and trade calls. So informative.

    John Plano
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    Membership Features

    Trade Alerts

    Trade alerts are sent to members using email, SMS text and push notification real time. Positions are posted on our trade alert platform. You will be advised of price targets, stop loss points and trade rationale. This dynamic platform is updated each evening so that you up to date with Bob’s strategy.

    Video Analysis of the Markets and Trades

    Each weeknight, Bob produces and narrates video analysis of the day’s market action, stock trades. He discusses stocks that were added as watch stocks which then leads in to his strategy for the following day.

    Each Weekend Bob produces The Week Ahead Commentary strategy session. His video analysis of the charts will layout his game plan for the coming week. First he discusses the health of the stock market. Then he discusses position strategy as well as watch stocks.

    Members Stock Chart Request

    A higher level of service for Gold Members who submit their symbols for Bob to review on video. Bob will review for the best risk to reward entry and exit points. This included service would cost hundreds of dollar to hire a technical analyst to perform. Bob believes in providing member value in return for their loyalty and engagement.

    One to One Engagement

    Engage with fellow members in our Traders Forum and network. This is a group of both novice and professional trader providing support and trade ideas to one another.

    Live webinars are held to discuss strategy and to engage members using screen share technology to review members chart requests live. We will  also use this forum to hold live training sessions or during times of high volatility to discuss market conditions.

    Options Income

    Bob believes in being the banker and not the borrower by selling puts and covered calls to generate income. He gets paid to wait by selling premium allowing time decay to be his friend by profiting from it.

    Stocks, ETF and Options Watch List

    A list of all potential trades hosted on our our Rebel Trades management platform. These are our most current “high probability trade set ups”

    Introducing Rebel Trades

    Introducing the Rebel Trades. The next generation in trade
    management platforms. Learn more and take a tour.

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