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Bob Desmond Interviewd by TraderTV

Topics discussed int this in depth interview:

  • Are the Banks and Financial Media Corrupt?
  • How does a Contrarian Trade?
  • About Bob's career in finanical services and macro -economics
  • Learn why Bob is very bullish on commodites. 
  • Learn why Bob believes that great fortunes will be made in gold and the gold mining stocks in the coming years. 

Bob Desmond is the Contrarian Trader.

"I have traded stocks and equity options for over twenty years. For three years after the bull market ended in 2000 I built and tested my Contrarian Trading System, which, simply, uses stock charts, price, volume action, and momentum indicators to identify good stocks that Wall Street was ignoring and weak ones that were overcrowded and overhyped.
My system has made me profits, even during market swings that crash Wall Street. At the end of August 2015, while China and Wall Street plummeted, my clients and I had one of the most profitable weeks of the year.
I have trained over 2,000 traders with varied backgrounds—from doctors to wealth managers to fellow investors—how to use charts to spot divergences, breakouts and money flows, which saved them from being victims of Wall Street thugs who use the news media to manipulate stocks."

Bob Desmond

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