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We outperform that markets by cutting losses quickly and letting winners run.Trade Alerts are included free with all membership level.

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Here Is How Our Trade Alerts
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Unique & Engaging Approach

Unlike our competitors Bob uses multi timeframe chart analysis as well as macroeconomics to identify high probability trade setups. Bob explains in easy to understand video analysis of the charts why he entered a trade. Each night and weekends he reviews each position and update price targets and where to raise stop loss orders.

Easy To Use

Our sleek trade management platform allows you to scan our list of Current Positions, Trade Alerts history and Watch List in moments so that you are kept abreast of trades real time. We designed this platform keeping the member in mind so that your time is respected and optimized.

Two Simple Strategies

Strategy #1 Core Positions: This is classic contrarian trading with a trade duration of 6 months to a year. Bob will accumulate large core positions which are typically ETF's based on industry groups which are out of favor with weekly and monthly charts which are building a base. He will then watch for breakouts out of bases when other traders continue to ignore early stage opportunity.
Strategy #2 Short Term Swing Trades: Trade duration from a few days to several weeks. Bob likes quick hit swing trades of both Extreme Oversold stocks (RSI below 20 with high short interest) as well as Continuation Breakout Trades of stocks with strong fundamentals. We strive for 3% loss threshold and minimum of 10% of upside profit potential on short term swing trades. On our core position trades we strive for a goal of 100% profit with a stop loss based upon historic support levels being tested and defended.

Alerts That Keep You Current

With your membership, you get your choice of email alerts, text, push notifications or a mixture of the three keeping you informed custom to your choices of communication.

We Make Swing Trading Easy

One Simple High Probability Watch List

One simple list on an easy to use on our new trade management platform. Bob does what he calls a "deep dive" into multi timeframe charts (4 hour, daily, weekly etc.) and explains in easy to understand language about what he likes about the charts and what the price action of the stock or ETF must do in order for him to place a trade. He also discusses the macroeconomic influences and upcoming events that may ignite a price move resulting in huge potential gains either long or short.

Trade Setup

For each stock, we give you an action plan including; buy zone, profit goal, and stop loss

Video Analysis

Contrarian Trade Alerts and trade platform access are included with all membership levels to The Contrarian Trader. By joining you can outsource your analytical work to one of the greatest traders in the business. Your biggest problem will be deciding what you will do with your new found free time.

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