• Member Loyalty Policy – Existing members with non promotional memberships are grandfathered into their selected monthly /quarterly or annual subscriptions rates.  In the event of a price increase your original subscription price will never change as long as your membership remains in good standing. The minimum membership on a monthly basis is  our 2008 membership fee of $37.95 and on an annual basis $342.00.
  • The first 14-day (trial) period of  a non promotional subscription is always free unless otherwise specified. Your credit card will not be charged until the 15th day of subscription service, and ONLY if you do not cancel during the 14-day trial period. However, only one free trial period is offered per person or address.
  • For those with a non promotional quarterly subscription.  You benefit from the 14 day free trial. Your credit card will not be billed until the 15th day. You may cancel from day 15 -30 and receive a full refund less a one-time charge of $49.95. As the benefits are realized immediately no refunds are offered more than the 31st day of your quarterly subscription.  Your refund request must be received by the 30th day.
  • For those with a non promotional annual subscription: After your 14-day free trial period, you may cancel at any time during the 15th-45th day of your annual subscription. Upon cancellation, you may continue your subscription until the 60th day of subscription service. You will be refunded the FULL amount of your annual subscription within 7 days of receipt of your notice of cancellation, minus $74.95. No refunds are offered more than 61 days into your annual subscription.
  • No refunds on renewals or promotional offers.
  • Our payment processors Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal require that we provide a stated policy so that you may cancel whenever you would like. We go beyond their requirements by providing two methods of cancellation. Cancellation of  a membership is easy when the following steps are followed. 1) You can cancel your membership by clicking the “Cancel” link in your member profile area of your account.2) In the event of a technical issue and your are unable to access your member profile you may cancel by email. All cancellation requests must be received in writing within the time frames listed above. Requests for membership cancellations must be sent to to Billing@TheContrarianTrader.com or it will not be  as timely cancellation. Replies to trade alerts,  commentary requesting cancellation of services are not counted as proper cancellation as they are not monitored by administrative personal.  All requests for cancellation of membership must be sent to Billing@TheContrarianTrader.com as this email is monitored by our third party billing vendor.  Emails sent to any other email addresses other that the one stated or sent to a vendor does not relieve you of managing your membership  as stated above. We have kept this simple to avoid  any undue complications. Thank you for adhering to our clear and easy to follow cancellation methods.
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