0:00 okay folks walking to the members topic request video

0:03 this will review the symbols that members would like for me to review
0:08 show before I get
0:12 to those symbols let’s take a look at the S&P 500 daily chart
0:16 big breakout they they try to take it down
0:2 0after gap higher fill the gap bullish key reversal close but the 50-day moving
0:25 average
0:25 we should see higher highs volume well above average
0:29 oscillators looking strong now what’s the proximate cause of his rally
0:35 it’s because the ECP decided to monetize another
0:39 trillion gazillion dollars worth I’ll
0:43 debt and for whatever reason
0:46 that makes US stocks cheap I don’t I don’t get that
0:49 I i understand why European shares
0:53 word rally but I don’t understand why the areas of love money
0:58 into the US markets art could be temporary
1:01 I can see how more European quantitative easing
1:06 is going to be great for the US market just don’t get it
1:09 because all you need do is look at the US dollar
1:13 and look at the report out of J&J in american express
1:18 saying just how much the rallying US dollar
1:22 has impacted their earnings
1:26 and not in a good way so you have the US dollar
1:31 a huge huge move higher today and this could quite very well be
1:36 the rally that we were looking for that pushed to a bar eighty
1:40 in fact would 8.01 now that will shut shop
1:45for a real real aggressive approach to buying
1:48commodities oil I that may be a problem due to the fact that you’re clean the
1:54Saudi Arabia he passed away this evening show
1:58that probably gonna send oil higher due to fears of the unknown
2:03in saudi arabia and who what policies
2:06air will assume I doubt gonna last very long
2:11especially with the US dollar in just now
2:14real parabolic move higher and this
2:17not gonna and pretty the
2:21Russell 2000 a breakout today are this triangle formation
2:26a very bullish key reversal we should hit
2:30upper band %uh resistance volume
2:33was not good wasn’t bad but it wasn’t
2:37fantastic was on the SP 500 so yes it easy a tree took a hit today
2:42however it was more than offset by FXCM trade
2:46so thank goodness for that position
2:50and will look and see whether or not we get a breakout
2:54above this key resistance level because as always like to say
2:58the test is always at the top I
3:02first chart up is BA ass basic Energy Services
3:06we have a W formation sitting up here
3:10a higher low prior law 5.01 new low 5.26
3:15draw your train line down we have broken now
3:19on the daily chart so
3:22while yes you can get along in this position stop-loss just blow
3:265.26 little bit bottoming tell today
3:30sign support higher lows Ultima noche later and we broke out today
3:36above this pivot point show the chart
3:42Beas looks good next chart up
3:46yu-gi-oh Eldorado gold at the all over this last week
3:51up very very bearish day no shock
3:54we’re probably going to go considerably lower
3:58on this position due to the fact that the US dollar
4:02is just google powerball it’s just gonna head higher from here
4:05and we can only ship by and watch right higher
4:09look for opportunities to get long love oil commodities et cetera
4:14but yu-gi-oh I wouldn’t shorted
4:19you could yet stop-loss just
4:23about the day’s highs I would short personally but I
4:27it’s certainly not a by are avoided okay Cypress
4:30semiconductor see why the symbol are very very bullish chart
4:35we had a bullish key reversal today they try to take it down below
4:41support they failed it put in a higher low
4:44I think we’re going to take out 1542 missus stock to watch that higher
4:49great volume
4:55volume has been rising sequentially to the upside
5:00bullish double bottom set up on the slow strokes
5:04you might just might get a roll over here
5:07but if you do got you have to buy
5:11on these double bottom set up if we get a roll over on the slow strokes
5:16I’m quite pollution chart I would be a buyer
5:20may just be a buyer Cyprus Flextronics
5:25international I
5:28inverted head-and-shoulders shut up head
5:33left shoulder right shoulder and here’s your neckline
5:40writer 11:39 show you could buy this stock
5:44down at these levels you need to stop was just below 10.35
5:49I would not buy a 4-position I will scratch the itch
5:53by a few shares goodies system see if it works
5:56wait for that break out the close above 11.39
6:00remember the three day rule three consecutive days trading
6:03above 11.39 watch for continuation move higher
6:07and I would add to that position okay yes
6:10wks skyworks solutions this is the daily chart a very very
6:14bullish universal today I think that we can head
6:19higher and substantially higher we have
6:23rising up volume bars oscillators looking quite strong
6:28the key with trading the stock though
6:32is that you need to be experienced and
6:35said experienced trader would use a trailing stop loss
6:40say between three to five percent and let the market taken out in this
6:45position or her at his position
6:47because there’s going to be a rocky road ahead
6:50just when you think you can go higher its gonna shoot higher
6:54so we are nearing the door step up seventy where technical analysis for
6:59short stock I see you buy the stock
7:02it’s probably going to head considerably higher especially when you take a look
7:06at the
7:07weekly chart you a great bottoming action here
7:11a nice break out this week we’re moving higher
7:14our size where seventy 8.35
7:18we’re going higher I really liked chart
7:21neighbors industries you may see a pop tomorrow
7:25on npr I’m not sure that’s right to break out yet
7:30again strong US dollars should be bearish for oil
7:33so what does that mean for neighbors which in the oil services sector
7:37it probably means that it’s going to come back down read as a support level
7:41now granted optimism we have a double bottom set up
7:45if we break on close above this declining downtrend line three-day rule
7:50we trade above it three consecutive days
7:52you buy the stock if you gonna buy down here
7:56you need to use stop-loss order just load 9.96
7:59volume has been pretty good double bottom set up higher lows on the
8:04ultimate Australia
8:05very strong I just like the US dollar house rallying
8:10so we’ll see our neighbors holds up
8:14it held up well today the face with strong US dollar
8:17show maybe it’s going to withstand this
8:20move higher on the US dollar while I would watch way personally
8:24but if you go to get into the stock use that stop losses
8:28on a close below 9.96 bankamerica
8:34rally today into the 200-day moving average why
8:37it’s because yields rally
8:41any rising yields are good for the banks
8:45so we may be looking to get into bankamerica likes you
8:48pullback and hopefully a high-low I will get back involved in that we sold up
8:54before the big correction good volume today
8:58I’ll is a huge rush to get back involved bankamerica
9:03let it slide back down the Harlow
9:06look to get back on again Apple
9:11broke out today other day declining downtrend line
9:15we closed above the 50-day moving average quite bullish
9:19higher lows on RS I we broke out volume above-average
9:24higher lows Ultima noche later what I say stocks looking good
9:28higher lows on the slow stochastics to buy
9:36%eh why Tencent holdings com
9:40you guys ten-cent holding a lover’s name
9:43rap star I don’t know they do
9:46a 200 TC stocks be forewarned
9:49the stock is definitely getting squeezed I’m
9:53I can tell can squeeze by way straight
9:56just getting gapped higher each passing day
10:01I’ll only involve the stock because
10:04wanna qarax qarax and
10:07and the trend being any guy tomorrow morning’s you open up
10:11right into resistance I i don’t see the play here
10:16are it just seems to be getting toyed with so I would avoid
10:20name even though the chart looks good it’s under accumulation
10:24I don’t like this we’re not seeing
10:28follow through world-class later show you what I mean here with you
10:32overlay I to you have the old nationally are overlaid
10:36use our peak recent peak right here on
10:40it’s called the 8th January we pulled back
10:44price is broken out where’s the ultimate us later
10:47way down here that’s not a good sign divergence
10:50how to avoid it too much risk
10:56SanDisk SNDK better earnings
11:00this is a weekly chart we broke down below
11:03the lower band the rising uptrend channel it’s a broken stock
11:09you going to need to watch some consolidation now
11:12we’re out of the lows the week that could be your
11:15dead cat bounce sticker daily chart big reversal day today
11:20I don’t know II
11:23I think the trade was getting involved down here
11:27at prior pivot points
11:31arm I don’t see the save trade from this point maybe a pullback in a retest
11:38all the support level c holes but yeah the 50-day moving average
11:42which is declining its gonna take out the 200-day moving average
11:47I don’t see the trade alongside concentrates short side
11:50I would avoid at least for right now Idra
11:55indira pharmaceuticals
11:59I’ll flag formation
12:02bottoming tells I think we break out I like to chart
12:06I think it goes higher higher highs on Ultra us later
12:12I don’t like the fact that you have both stock lines trading below 50
12:17that’s a concern but you know what here the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000
12:22both had stocks are trading below the 50 level
12:26out this morning and that didn’t help matters any
12:29for short me being one of them so for that matter
12:34I W H let’s talk to below fifty show we may not be a
12:38was quite yet %um furlongs anyway
12:42I’ll Warren Resources
12:46I would avoid I could just tell
12:49already by the slow stokes a low or high
12:53or rollover below twenty
12:56is always bearish we’re going lower
12:59so I would avoid this trade right now especially with the dollar
13:04rally boat eighty axed the bottom show up in red
13:08lexical wants to move higher how to avoid
13:12I wouldn’t touch
13:13it FXCM Republic book profits tomorrow
13:18hopefully we get another move higher
13:21and will show you that shrank good volume today
13:27I just gameplay with FXCM and then
13:30will will look for other opportunities
13:34and that should function remember that Friday’s short covering Friday
13:39watch the volume tomorrow the volume is going to be that sell
13:42will we see a
13:45continuation move higher on the S&P 500
13:49and will it be accompanied by rising
13:53up volume or
13:56will we see a resumption on the decline in
13:59a volume same thing goes for the
14:03Russell 2000 will we see a continuation move higher to close above
14:08resistance will we see move higher on volume
14:11that is assigned institutions are buying the market
14:15that was not the case for
14:18the small caps today perhaps tomorrow
14:22but it really wasn’t a maybe some but not big big
14:25institutional players the Shan this index higher
14:28it could be tomorrow but we’ll watch will weigh
14:32don’t want to react to this knee-jerk reaction and the European Union
14:36I mean really what does it mean arch all it means
14:41stronger US dollar what does that mean for sales overseas
14:44the it adversely impact because our goods become more expensive
14:48show it’s not really the best things to happen
14:53at the US dollars adversely impacting our
14:56multinationals to be great if you want to take a trip to Europe soon
14:59no doubt about it but those reservations alleged
15:03auto tomorrow