In this video Cryptocurrency Buy or Bubble I complete some technical analysis of the charts of Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin and do a comparison of this bubble in the cryptocurrencies versus the NASDAQ bubble in 2000. I also review the similarities of the chart of the bubble in the semiconductor sector in 2000 versus the cryptocurrency bubble today. I also discuss how to profit from the bursting of the bubble in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin but understand the signals that the markets send traders on the charts. Understanding how to use the bollinger bands, candlestick charting, relative strength indicator and price and volume actions will allow you to profits from the bull market in cryptocurrencies as well as profit when the bubble breaks. Trade the charts and not the story.

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6 years ago

You make some valid points Peter. The banks if they cannot kill cryptocurrencies will hammer them down to a price point which is attractive to them. The futures market for $BTC and other cryptocurrencies when launched along with ERT's when available be a game changer. Why? Short sellers will move in and then you will see true price discovery. Happy Holidays

6 years ago

That logic is what everyone needs. This will be an example where jealous bashers who are vague in their views but take the side of the real frauds like Dimon just because they choose to be like a brown noser to the evil influencers like Dimon. But there will be IMO strong companies that will ultimately survive while others will literally crash. Too many are piggybacking the legit ones. This is about companies in a purely legit bitcoin/blockchain sector who have the intention of offering their technology as an answer to shady practices that have taken place in the world of currencies and government since the beginning of time. It's like the big social media sites which are free to be a member but at the cost of your data/privacy. Like the government they have no regard or committment to what's ethical but instead exploit users for anything and everything. Banks ,politicians along with some nasty billionaire's are all about control..