Best Stock Picks January 4, 2014

We remain bearish on the stock market for the first quarter of 2014. The Russell 2000 or (IWM) remains at extreme overbought levels when performing technical analysis of the weekly stock chart. We are looking to sell short Fairpoint Communications (FRP) and the (IWM). We review the stock charts of Jet Blue (JBLU), Direxion Short Fund ETF (TZA). Pixleworks (PXLW). Nova Gold (NG), American Axle (AXL), Alpha Natural Resources (ANR) and US Natural Gas Fund (UNG).

This past week we booked swing trade profits on NG for 16% or $3,700, AXL for 1.8% or $480.00 and AER for a 1% swing trade profit of $480.00.

10 years ago

Robert: I am new on board and have a few questions. I have $25,000.00 in my account. -How many trades am I likely to enter each month? -How long will I hold most positions? -How do you recommend where to set my stops in a new position? By percentage or by the charts? -Based on my starting balance how much do you recommend I allocate for each trade? -If I understand correctly you will send email alerts on each buy recommendation and sell recommendation? I am excited about winning on 8 out of every 10 trades. I also look forward to learning the technical analysis of charts. I look forward to your response. Best regards, Doug

10 years ago

sirius xm radio... share buy back?