Best Stock Charts March 24, 2018 | US Dollar Crash 2018

This week we do some technical analysis of the chart of the US Dollar which last week broke down and appears ready to crash. The signing of another round of 1.3 trillion dollars in government spending will again widen the deficit which as current stands at 21 trillion US Dollars.  The Chinese Renminbi versus the US Dollar looks strong as do the Japanese Yen and the Euro. As we anticipate an eminent crash in the US Dollar we are building long positions in gold and the gold mining names.

Federal Reserve and Deficits

If and when the US Dollar does crash you can bet that inflation will rise and that the Federal Reserve will in an effort to support the stock market prior to the 2018 midterm elections. There is no way that the Republicans can keep both houses of Congress if the dollar does crash and the stock market collapses. They will be forced lower interest rates and to begin a new round of QE. The result will by hyperinflation which will only cause additional weakness in the US Dollar until such time that the US defaults on it’s debt or war. I am betting on a war much like we saw prior to World War II.

Best Stock Charts For Surviving A US Dollar Crash

The key to surviving in an economy suffering from hyperinflation caused by a weak US Dollar is to buy gold, silver and other commodities now as they are cheap. The moves that we expect when gold continues its breakout after the dollar finally breaks support will be huge. Emerging Markets will also thrive in a weak US Dollar environment so we are encouraging all to begin buying the emerging markets on this current pullback.  The time to act is now prior to the big move. We are positioning ourselves according so act now and join The Contrarian Trader.

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