Best Stock Charts March 18, 2017

 Best Stock Charts this week  are broken out into:

Part 1) Commodity Trades: Stock charts discussed (UUP), (GLD), (USLV)

Part 2) Continuation Breakout trades charts discussed (SNOA), (BABA), (COH), (ORLY)

Part  3) Extreme Trades charts discussed: (AFSI), (NTRI), (MASI), (TGS)

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7 years ago

The disconnect between the charts for SNOA and SNOAW is because when stock reverse split the warrants didn't reverse split just the exercise price went from 1.3 to 6.5 dollars and outstanding warrants left at 1 million outstanding warrants

7 years ago

SNOA also has warrants SNOAW. Expire 2/2020 exercise price is 6.5 dollars. Because of last reverse split the charts are skewed. At PPS of 8 dollars warrants should be 1.5 dollars. At 10 should be 3.5 dollars. In 2015 pre split (5 for 1) stock hit 2 dollars and warrants hit 70 cents. Should recommend warrants be prepared to exercise and sell for huge profit