Best Stock Charts March 17, 2018 | S&P 500 Rallies Fading

In Best Stock Charts this week we discuss the performance of our portfolio. We booked profits in several swing trades and we discuss those trades. We discuss the stories from which signaled that we are seeing signs of recessions as reflected in the yield curve. The national debt is now at 21 trillion dollars and growing while GDP growth has been downgraded from a high of 5.4% for Q1 2018 to 1.9% by the Atlanta Federal Reserve. We also discuss the actions of President Trump’s new economic advisor Larry Kudlow who downgraded the gold and upgraded the US Dollar which is unprecedented. We also discuss the weakening S&P 500 as well as our favorite Best Stock Charts to swing trade are for the new trading week.

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Recent Trade : AMZN 7.5% Profit

Recant Trade: AMZN 8.5% Profit

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