Best Stock Charts January 13, 2018


The stock market remains very overbought on the charts. In this video we review the technical analysis indicator Relative Strength Indicator a.k.a RSI and compart the RSI current day to the stock market bubble in 2000 and then the financial crisis. The RSI at current for the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ are at extreme overbought levels and are also at historic highs. Can it continue? Sure many bubbles have explosive blow off tops. The use of a trailing stop loss order will protect your portfolio while also capturing much of the upside.Learn how we will use our contrarian trade strategy to profit from a continuation breakout in the stock market or a stock market correction. 

We also the discuss the weakness of the US Dollar and how we are seeing a spike in inflation yet the financial media will not talk about but we do. Thus far the stock market is ignoring a number of warning signals and is now do for a significant correction.

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