Best Stock Charts February 26, 2017

Today not only are we going to talk about the SEC’s “Tick Size Program” which began in 2016 and is now spreading like a virus. The so called “experiment” takes a hammer to day traders and allows the Wall Street banks to get yet another cash flow machine at the expense of the small investor. Just when you though front running of your trades was the pinnacle of Wall Street arrogance and the incompetence or complicity of the SEC now comes the “Tick Size Program”.  I have no doubt that it will be spun by Bloomberg and CNBC as a good thing for the small investor. It is a sick system which is now only getting sicker. We are calling for a boycott of all stocks traded under the “Tick Size Program” until the SEC finally abolishes it.

Boycott “Tick Size Program” Stocks!

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We also discuss the Best Stock Charts for the coming week. We still like gold and the gold mining names longer term but they may come under pressure this coming week. We have a number of stocks that we would like to short including Cisco Systems (CSCO) and Apple (APPl). We are also looking to sell short the QQQ’s using the (QID) short ETF.