Best Stock Charts February 12, 2017

Best Stock Charts February 12, 2017



In this week’s commentary I discuss out Recent Trade which have been very profitable. We continue to follow the strategy I discussed in the 2017 Stock Market Forecast. I called for a weaker US Dollar and a rally in gold and the gold miners. January was the worst January for the US dollar in 30 years and the gold miners are a leading sector. These will remain our core positions.


My I turning more and more bearish on the market due to the retail investor chasing what they believe to be a DOW 20, 000 rally. Their fear of missing the rally will not end well. As I discuss in this week’s Best Stock Charts the VIX is near multi year lows and this market is extended. As I always teach members “When the VIX is low you have to go. When the VIX is high you have to buy”


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