My name is Robert Desmond the founder and President of The Contrarian Trader Inc. I have a passion for trading stocks and equity options and an even bigger passion for educating fellow traders on how Wall Street works so that they can avoid those pitfalls that most traders including myself have endured during their learning process.

After the bull market ended in 2000 we entered into a new era where buying and holding stocks was dead and the new game was and still is short term trading.  I quickly developed a system of identifying what I call “Extreme Overbought” and “Extreme Oversold” stocks by use of a proprietary screening formula that took me three years of trial and error to get right. After identifying opportunities where in the case of “Extreme Oversold” stocks that Wall Street was ignoring or “ Extreme Overbought” stocks that were overcrowded and over hyped I honed my skills in technical analysis by way of using stock charts, price and volume action, candlestick and chart formations, divergences and lastly momentum indicators. This system is my Contrarian Trading System. There are a number of rules to this system which I have taught members.

By learning to use charts to spot divergences breakouts and money flows you avoid being a victim of the financial news media and remain out of the cross hairs of Wall Street thugs manipulating stocks by using the news media. Do you ever wonder why Goldman Sachs issues Upgrades and Downgrades? How many times have you heard CNBC report on Goldman Sach’s new addition to their “Conviction Buy List”?  Do you have an account with Goldman Sachs? Why are they being so nice by giving out free opinions to us? The answer could be one or both of the following:  A) It is because they have already gotten their customers into the stock and are now are using the financial news media to get the “Dumb Money” off the bench and all excited and into the stock or B) The stock that they are recommending is at the end of its bull run and Goldman Sachs needs to sell a lot of shares. However, if they sell into declining volume they will cause the stock to crater. So, what do they do? Well they upgrade the stock or reiterate their price target on the stock and once again the “Dumb Money” and gets all excited and buys all at once and never even bother to look at the stock chart.

Trading takes a tremendous amount of discipline and preparation by way of stock chart analysis which is what I teach my members. I enjoy producing The Week Ahead Commentary video analysis of what I anticipate the stock marketing doing in the coming week, click the link for a sample. Unlike the Wall Streeters who enjoy a vast and elaborate network of other Wall Streeters to bounce trading ideas off of the average investor does not have that extremely valuable luxury which is why I developed Trade Coach which provides my member with a second opinion of how I think their potential stock trade looks on the charts before they pull the trigger.

In short the value I hope to bring to my members is to reduce overall risk by maximizing reward. Give The Contrarian Trader a try because it’s free giving you little risk and lots of reward.

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